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New year 2013!!!

Jan. 1st, 2013 | 08:44 am
mood: determined

Review of 2012 :

It was a pretty good year and I feel like I've accomplished a bit!
I graduated from beauty school which is huge for me because 90% of my other courses I would never finish so I am really happy with myself!
I got my first car that I am so in love with!!! A little Getz so cute.
I felt much more Independent and was not relying on John or my family as much as I did last year!
I got a job in admin which is what I wanted its part time and the pay is great.

I still don't have friends haha still looking for that best friend but I am quiet content being on my own now I mean there are times where I would love to be able to call a girlfriend for a chat but I'm not as affected by it as I was in 2011.

Overall I really did enjoy my year and it went SUPER fast I can't believe how fast it actually went!

This year is I've decided to call it the set up... Meaning this is the year I set myself up.
I'm going to work hard and save money and get my beauty business started also going to try moving out not a definite but going to look around cos I think it's time John and I become more independent plus we need our own space.

Also I want to keep care of myself a bit and get in check. I want my skin to look great and my body so I'm going in hiding on all social networks and focusing on me this year. It's not about losing weight I just want to be healthier and actually look after myself so getting skinny will just be a bonus. You only have 1 body!

Also this year it will be John and I 4th year together!! Insane!

Anyway I look forward to the year and hope I work as hard as I can.

Oh and I fulfilled my last goal of not buying a single magazine :D so for this year I'm not having McDonalds for the entire year. Not allowed to buy it or eat it! This will be hard cos they just opened a maccas down the road from me haha oh well I can do it :)

Lets see what I can change this year!!!

Adios 2012 bonjour 2013 x

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Jan. 6th, 2012 | 10:05 pm
mood: confusedconfused

While I was sitting n bed doing my nails and watching One Day...which is not that great of a movie...mum comes home and knock on my door saying her and dad have been in an accident and I need to come outside and get things out of the car. So the story is they were merging into one lane when a lady in a van decided to stop and make a U turn in front of her then hit into the passenger side of mums car! So they all get out and help her move the van to the side of the road where the lady starts abusing mum and telling her to "go back to where you came from"...thats original. And then another car stops to help mum and calls the police so the lady then takes her number plates of the car puts them in her bag and runs away jumps over a fence and through a park... WTF! It is actually funny when you say it out loud but thankfully nobody was hurt.

The police came over and they were so nice and helpful, very charming! Hopefully mums car wll be fixed and all the paper work will go through fine. It is the start of a new year and we really don't need this right now but then agan everything happens for a reason and I am very sure that some kind of good will come out of this. Although my nails now have to be redone ha ha.

Apart from that my life is going alright! I am still in a happy mood and am very excited to start beauty college in a couple weeks. Also I have some projects coming up, I have decided to try and start my youtube chanel! It will be called Tribal Tea Tan ...Ha ha it sounds silly but I like it =) Also John is going to uni to start his engineering course again! This makes me so happy cos I was really worried he wouldn't be able to try again even though I never let him know that.

This year is proving to be good so far for John and I =] still need to lose weight  kinda lost control ths week and have been eating really badly but I wll start again on Monday!! PROMISE.

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Jan. 2nd, 2012 | 05:36 pm
mood: goodgood

First day back at work wasn't bad at all. Had fun talking to the girls and ranting/bitching about my nye night and my "friends" in general we decided to close early and get have lunch so Jess, Janine and I went to hogs breathe. I was feeling adventurous and decided to have a cocktail it was called "Sand in Ya Pants" ha ha. Food was delicious!!! And I am so very full.

So now I am just sitting at my laptop on Tumblr...Tumbling away. My sister and family are coming over tonight for dinner which I think will be very nice. Like I said in the last post I really want to make my immediate family a priority and I think this is a nice start to the year.

Anyway family is almost here and john is coming yay!


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The year of Tanya

Jan. 1st, 2012 | 05:09 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful

Now here is my post for whats to come in the year of 2012.

So this year I am starting beauty school! I will be attending Perth College of Beauty Therapy part time for the entire year. This is great because unlike last year I actually feel like I am doing something with my life. This college is pretty far away and I know it will be hard but I really want to put my all in this and do my best to pass. This course is costing me a lot of money and I wont get it back so again I MUST do my best. This will be my main focus for the year.

I also have a few special things to look forward to such as John and I have our 3 year anniversary on the 14th of Feb no clue what to get him at the moment but I must save money now. I have my 23rd birthday and I want to make it a big one!! I never have birthday parties that I actually plan and enjoy so this year that will change I need to think of a theme I'm thinking something to do with reality shows since I love them so much! I want only my close friends and family to attend and decorate the house...So excited.

I want to lose 10+kgs till then so I can really feel my best on my birthday. Speaking of I want to eat healthy in general, smaller portions. I want to be a healthy fit person and really start to love myself and be more confident. John and I have started Body Trim but the weekend it has slowed down because of festivitessss.

I have couple resolutions. My first one I came up with was a hard one but a good one...I will not buy a single magazine for the entire year!! This may be impossible with my love of trashy gossip mags but I will do it!! Another resolution is to be a happy person and snap out of negative moods quickly I have tried this already today and so far so good.

Anyway I will keep this short for now I may add some more later but my shower with john awaits teehee.


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Jan. 1st, 2012 | 09:48 am
mood: nostalgicnostalgic

Yes!!! It is what I have been waiting for! It is the new year. Time for a fresh start and new beginnings. I kind of want to reflect on the past year a little so that when I look back at this I will be able to see just how much my life has improved.

So last year this time I entered the new year with no idea what to do with my life. I had just quit a job and had hardly any money I went to John's mums house for NYE and then I am pretty sure we spent the day at either mine or his dads house I was definitely not feeling like I do now! I spent the first half of the year looking for a job and spending all my time at home doing nothing but eating watching movies and searching seek every hour. My 22nd birthday was nothing special I didn't even want to celebrate it...stayed home and mum made me a cake on that weekend I went clubbing with friends but had to leave wiith out even a single dance because people couldn't get in and other were sick. Time went on and in May I got a job at Goldmark where I have met some really nice people and have made a true friend there. I started to feel better but still feeling like there was no point and I had no direction. There were some good times after that I did go out a little the main events were Island Vibrations which made for a couple great nights of the year. Went to jurien bay for a couple nights which is the only place I travelled to all year. The first night there was major drunken fun and got really boring an down as time went on. John's birthday was another one it was way awkward and kinda put togethor with no organising but I did end up having some fun.

In mid 2011 I realised who my true friends are and the people who matter. I can honeslty say that I have less than a handfull of friends but I know they are honest and actually care about me and that is what's worth having. I now know that I don't belong in my former group of friends and have nothing in common with them. I have amazing memories with them that I will cherish and never forget but I am sick of trying to make it work and I think it is just time to say goodbye. I plan on making new friends in 2012 that I will keep forever.

My family was on my mind 24/7 this year. So much drama, back stabbing, and just lies all around made for uncomfortable conversations and negative feelings. I hardly saw my extended family and that makes me really sad as I am a very big family orientated person. It really makes it hard when majoritiy of my family suffer from depression and half the time I don't even know what to do/say. I plan on making my immediate family a priority and really share some positive energy with them. Let them know how much I love them all year round.

I did feel lonley and depressed this past year but that is all about to change!

I am going to make a new post for what I hope becomes of 2012! I leave here with an Adios shitty year.

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Dec. 27th, 2011 | 04:02 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted

I am starting ths journal in the hopes of keeping it for the year of 2012. I feel that I need an outlet for my emotions rather than telling everyone and making them carry the load of my frustations along with me.
I am the type of person who likes to talk things out with others and get opinions to help me figure out what to do next. You could say I am a very dependant person but I will change that next year. I will be more independant. I plan on logging on to the website once a week and making an entry. I tried doing this in a hand written journal but I find myself on a computer more often so this will have to do. I plan on being honest in this journal and really type what I am thinking at each very moment.

Today is the begining of me getting ready to enter the new year. I have cleaned and arranged my room and have started that diet with the ad of the guy with non existant lips...yeah body trim. I am going to upload a couple recent photos and post them here so that next year this time I will hopefully be smiling looking back at them and thinking of how much happier I am then I was now.
Next year there is much to look forward too such as I am staring beauty school. I will be a qualified beautician by the end of the year. This is something I am doing for myslef and also something I am very interested in. I will do my best and achieve the best outcome I can. This is costing my a lot of money and not to mention time so I better be doing my best.

My room right now. I am trying to make it as plain as possible so I can intorduce some new items in the new year.

Me at 97kgs right now. Need to be 67kgs by this time next year. It will be hard but I CAN do it.

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